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Why choose p4 fertility @ Priory fertility centre ? 

  • You get a named sub-specialist consultant contact throughout your journey with us, and our patients find it very reassuring at each step during and after treatment until the baby is born.

  • We do not treat patients as a number

  • We do not make them feel that they are on a conveyor belt.

  • We have a team to look after our patients providing truly personalised care.

  • Our patients and HFEA continuously rated our centre as a high standard service


Personalised care

  • We collect eggs when they are ready and put the embryo back when it is a good time for embryo implantation.

  • It means to provide seven days with a week service. So be it.

  • Many private and NHS clinics only provide service (such as egg collection) on certain days in the week to cut the cost and maximise the profit.

  • Our ethos is to follow what suits the best for nature and patients than what suits clinic, which may be the secret of our success


Seven days a week service

Our care is fully led by consultant sub-specialist to ensure high quality care and support throughout your journey.

We provide a direct access to named consultant.


Fully Consultant

Led service

We discuss and plan the care within a team of experts including doctors, embryologists, and scientist

Our multidisciplinary approach is designed to leave no stones unturned

Routine Checkup

Multidisciplinary team approach

Priory is one of the oldest centres in the West-Midland with In-depth experience acquired over the decades.


Established in 1989

Priory has been forefront of pioneering various fertility treatments over the years.

Our innovative p4 approach is revolutionary for fertility care.

P4 medicine is a futuristic approach which moves focus from disease management to personalised management

Best Choice

Pioneer in fertility treatments 


What is P4 fertility?

We adopted p4 medicine ethos to deliver p4 fertility care. It is an on-going, data-driven journey to health involving all aspects of your life, your environment, your mind and your body.

Pioneers like Leroy Hood have long advocated the vision of medicine that is predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory (‘P4'). P4 fertility is the active adoption of this vision in fertility practice.

Systems biology and system medicine are yet mostly unknown outside scientific and medical circles. P4 concept comes from system biology.

Personalised medicine is a term for a revolution in medicine that envisions the individual patient as the central focus of healthcare in the future.

The term, “P4 medicine,” was coined by biologist Leroy Hood, one of the world’s leading scientists.

What does p4 fertility care mean for me?

For you, p4 fertility care is very high-quality care where you are not treated as a number but as a person.

The consultation, investigation and treatment plans are personalised for you, and you are not dropped into a group or block of conditions.

At P4 fertility, we believe in treating individual than the investigation report or condition.

At p4 fertility, your care is personalised, participatory, predictive and preventive. It means you are at the centre of what we do; you are driving your treatment. We will empower you with the latest evidence, options, prediction of success and prevention of risks. Your care will be personalised to you with every attention to detail.

How is it different from current medical practice?

At P4 fertility, with collaboration with Priory fertility centre. Complete care is consultant-led. Investigation and treatment plans are based on your history. Prediction, prevention, participation and personalisation principles are followed, which will make your journey pleasant, safe and successful. Success does matters, and we do not leave any stone unturned during this journey.

To explain the traditional approach, it is evident that not all tests are relevant for everyone. Not all treatment plans are appropriate. In the conventional method, all couples are subjected to all checks. Their fertility problems are divided into blocks of conditions. In IVF, the protocols are designed to make standardised treatment. It is easy for IVF centres as they need less time and energy. It is easy for other team members to follow the standard guideline, and top-level experts are not required to plan individual treatment. Once the template of protocols is made, couples are put in the closest block of the treatment plan. It is not personalised treatment. This approach does not allow for delivering safe and successful care. Sometimes it could be just learning exercise for doctors. It could be a frustrating experience when it comes to expensive treatment like IVF.

Is it cheaper or expensive to use p4 fertility approach?

Many centres charge the couple with IVF /ICSI total packages as they treat couples in blocks and not as individuals. It results in paying for something you may not need.


P4 fertility approach is different. The cost of treatment depends upon your requirements. With P4 fertility approach, only necessary tests are advised, and the personalised plan is made, which cuts down the cost of avoiding unnecessary  investigations and repeat tests.


We do not offer add-on treatments or unproven treatments. It reduces further costs. The costing is itemised; therefore, you pay for what you need at each step. Thus, the majority of the patient it is cheaper than standard costs.


For latest standard prices at using p4 fertility at Priory, please click here.

Please find more information on p4 fertility approach at

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